CompuBox can supply your website, app or promotion with various real-time stats and historical data. With 28 years of data, we can provide just about any and all boxing data that you may need.

Real-time Stats for your Events
We can provide your TV or online broadcast with live stats via our live data feed. We can supply real-time stats remotely as long as we have access to a live video feed.
Real-time Data Feeds
We can provide various real-time data feeds for all major boxing events.

Start/End Round Data

We can supply your website or app with real-time data for when a round starts or ends. This can be used for Judging apps where you have fans voting.

Decision Data

We can supply real-time data on decisions for all major boxing events.

Delayed Stats Feed
Due to contractual obligations, we can’t supply real-time stats for major boxing events but we can supply delayed data when each fight within a card has ended.
CompuBox has a database of over 5,000 fights and counting. We can supply data feeds displaying various historical data such as:

  • Fighter Profiles: Fighter’s personal bests, fight averages and individual fight stats
  • CompuBox Records: Overall and weight class records
  • Comparison Reports: Compare stats between fighters for upcoming fights
Fantasy Games
We can supply Fantasy Games with delayed stats and historical data from our 28 years of boxing data.

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